Higher Performance For A Higher Standard Of Comfort And Efficiency.

At American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, it’s our goal to deliver the utmost in comfort and efficiency to you and your family. And we designed our air handlers with that goal in mind. Whether it’s the supreme comfort and efficiency of our Fore Front™ Series, or the rugged durability of our Silver Series, each and every air handler comes with innovative components and precision craftsmanship. Because you deserve a higher standard of comfort.

Premium Features:

  • Unique Cabinet Design – Designed unlike any other air handler on the market, so less moisture and fewer dust particles are drawn in from its environment. This double‑wall cabinet design also helps prevent energy loss and virtually eliminates condensation.
  • Fully Enclosed Insulation – A layer of insulation material between its inner and outer walls increases efficiency, while eliminating loose fiberglass insulation that can enter your air stream.
  • Epoxy Coated Coil – This standard epoxy coated offering is the first of it’s kind in the industry and helps prevent odor and undesirable residue on the coil.
  • Vortica™ Blower – Specially constructed for quiet operation, the Vortica Blower also helps reduce your overall energy use and carbon footprint.
  • Flexible Design – Thanks to its smaller size and easy configuration, more installation options are available throughout your home.
  • Control Board Pocket – A dedicated slot for the control board protects it from humidity in the air stream and extends its life.
  • Electronic Refrigerant Flow and Regulation – Refrigerant flow is regulated with an electronic expansion valve for greater system life and maximum reliability.
  • Integrated Drain Pan – Made from rust resistant poly carbonate, this unique drain pan is gently sloped to eliminate standing water.
  • Heating Options – Can accommodate either electric or hydronic heat with no modification to the cabinet.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish – Thanks to a high quality finish, your air handler will look great for years to come.
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American Standard Air Handlers
American Standard Air Handlers
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